ELIOKAP TOP LEVEL Linea Tricologica presenta sul mercato ELIOKAP ECOPHILOSOPHY


ELIOKAP TOP LEVEL Linea Tricologica presents on the market ELIOKAP ECOPHILOSOPHY, botanical line of specific treatments for the most common hair problems, specifically hair-loss, dandruff and dry lengths.

your botanical haircare

Eliokap EcoPhilosophy represents the new philosophy of Eliokap Top Level that wants to meet the needs of the modern world, trying to impact as little as possible on the health of our planet, through more sustainable solutions and processes that involve lower CO2 emissions and lower water use.

The line consists of a single scalp preparator: BOTANICAL 1st STEP, suitable for preparing the scalp before the two specific scalp treatments: BOTANICAL REVITALIZING (to prevent hair-loss) and BOTANICAL PURIFYING (to prevent dandruff). They have been formulated with ingredients that help to maintain in balance the bacterial flora of the scalp, and, consequently, to control the proliferation of bacteria and fungi, causing inflammation, redness or itching.
For the lengths, the BOTANICAL REPLUMPING treatment, with 95% of natural ingredients, helps moisturize and nourish dry and brittle hair.

EcoPhilosophy is the new line of Eliokap products that suits precisely these needs, starting from 100% recycled and recyclable packaging, high percentage of phytoextracts contained in exclusive formulas (up to 98%), VeganOk certification, finishing with dermatological and in vitro safety tests.

  • NATURAL PHILOSOPHY: up to 98% natural ingredients
  • VEGAN PHILOSOPHY: vegetable ingredients and cruelty free production
  • SECURE PHILOSOPHY: dermatologically and in vitro tested formulas
  • SUSTAINABLE PHILOSOPHY: 100% recycled and recyclable packaging