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What is Hair Loss System?

Hair Loss System is the method which treats the hair-loss taking into consideration, first of all, the equilibrium of the state of the scalp and prepares it to receive the strong treatment.

The Preparing Solution

To start the treatment, apply the Preparing Phial, which should be left on for approximately 4-5 minutes, after that rinse off, and apply Hair Loss Shampoo. We suggest the use of the Preparing Treatment every five days.
The preparing phial has keratolytic and antiradicals action, thanks to the presence of Equisetum. .

Hair Loss Shampoo

The Hair Loss System Shampoo has a very delicate formula with pH between 5-5.40, similar to the natural physiological pH of the scalp. Using a shampoo with the similar pH of the scalp helps to maintain the balance of the hydrolipid mantel.
The stimulating and toning action comes from the extract of Gingko Biloba and of the Green Tea, whereas the Silk Proteins bring fundamental nutrients to the scalp.

Strong Treatment

The Strong Treatment is based, first of all, on the synergic action of the active ingredients, which stimulate the blood circulation on the scalp and the phytoextracts like Ginseng. An important function is entrusted to the Glicoproteins, which have positive influence on the activity of the cells turnover.
Ginseng is a plant rich in active principles and vitamins that have a revitalizing, toning, stimulating, reinforcing, nourishing action, very important in cases of thin hair.


Capsicum: has vasodilative, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory action.

Ginseng: has toning, anti-oxidant and reinforcing action.

Sunflower: anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant action and maintains the scalp moisturized.